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Terms Of Use

By accessing to our website, you agree to the terms and conditions summarized by our company. If you wish to use our Maple Brains services, please refer our terms of use and conditions. We want our clients to be aware of their rights before using our services.


You don't have the rights to copy the content there on our website without the written approval of "Maple Brains Technologies Inc".

Those who break the rules set by our company and use our materials in a wrong way will be not allowed to use our services next time.

User must use the service in accordance with the terms and conditions of the site.

Users who tries to send UNSOLICITED MAIL to anyone in India is against our terms of policy.


The company name and logos are trademarks and are owned by the Maple Brains. Users do not have rights to use them anywhere without the approval of the Maple Brains.

We have rights to change and modify them anytime.

If we found you violating our trademarks and using our website without our permission we will claim immediately.

The information posted on our website is collected from trusted resources.

We are not held responsible for any kind of damages occurred by Subscribing for newsletters through our website.

Copyright Policy:

Each and every information there on the website are copyrighted. We work hard to ensure that content provided on the website is true, appropriate and useful to everyone.

We are not responsible for any incorrect information posted or published on the website. We are not held responsible for any losses occurred because of using our data and services.

Disclaimer of Warranties:

We make no warranty that the website services will be uninterrupted.

Maple Brains shall not be liable for non performance or delay in services for any reason.

Maple Brains is not held responsible if you do not achieve the same results as stated in the policy.

The content there on is gathered by our experts using the best resources to ensure that the information posted in the website is true and accurate. But, will not accept any responsibility in case of any incorrect data or statements published on the website.

Distribution of materials:

Users who transfer material from our website results against our terms and conditions.

Individuals do not have rights to transfer materials to third parties.

Distribution of Internet Viruses and Hacking activities:

We will file a case against users who try to hack our websites and make an attempt to make harmful activities which against our terms.

Limitation of liability:

Under any circumstances Maple Brains will not be liable to you for losses occurred to you indirectly or directly by using our website data.

Execution & Feedback:

The feedback from the client should be given within 2 days, any delay after that will affect the expected deadline and timeframe.

If there is no feedback from the client for more than 1 month for no valid reason the project will be on hold and penalty of 5% of the project total cost will be levied on client to be paid before re commencement of project by allocation of resources to re execute project development.

If the client decides to resume on the work, then it will have to give the full right to Volive for giving a new start date based on the resource’s availability.

In the Design milestone, the client can give up to 3 rounds of modifications, where in Theme and Development milestones the client will have only 2 rounds of modifications.

After the flow approval at the end of the theme milestone, any change in the flow after that might be subject to an additional time and cost.

The official communication platform will be the email, and feedback not given through it won’t be considered as an authenticated medium.

Even if the communication or sharing of file or document is already done over the whatsapp, skype or other medium will be still needed to send it again officially as an email.


There is strictly no refund policy for the project once ithas been commenced by allocation of the resources to work on it.

Upon each milestone completion it is paid for respective invoice upon approvals of milestone hence there is no refund policy for project.


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