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Its an era of Startup’s and ideas that transforms into reality. We take seriously the future technologies and that is where our focus is on Startup’s and the ideas which will help the future generation and communities for the betterment and ease of life.


For any start up idea the important element is to have clear understanding of requirements. We make sure that the requirements are documented, and wireframes are created exactly as per the documentational requirements gathered. This helps to develop the platform keeping into consideration of its longer goal set achievements.


Upon the approvals of the wire frames the team is decided to work on the project & in different sequential approach the entire development of the project starts from designs to database and front end to back end development. This approach is the most successful approach concluded for the start-up platforms.


Launching the application and migrating the codes from development environment to live environment is a job to be recon with. We make the launch successful by making sure the transition takes place smoothly between different environments.


Startup’s or non-Startup’s its mandatory to keep the seamless approach for success of any application and so we at Maple Brains have a dedicated support team on standby who maintain and monitor the day to day complexities, to resolve and keep the application smooth for its user base.


After the launch our training teams take over the application with the client by onsite or by online training for each and every elements of the application.

Small Businesses

By the help of technology, the world has become a global marketplace. Small business, medium & large enterprises have to come out of the traditional methods of business approach by adopting future means of technology for success. Maple Brains understands different domains of the market & gives tailor-made solutions to meet the needs.


Maple Brains has an exclusive section of teams which are focused on the SME’s wherein they are given consultation on how to migrate from traditional to online approach using technologies for the business.


Based on the selection of the approach during our consultation we at Maple Brains implement all the online strategies and applications for the SME’s. We take pride to give precise solutions from design to development of the application. Upon the launch we provide digital marketing and other cost-effective marketing solutions resulting in ROI expected by our clients.

Future Solutions

We provide different approach strategy for SME’s wherein we focus on the present technology implementations. Upon the completion of present needs we help in the transition of future technology education to implementation which will help the SME’s to stay up edge in the competitive environment.

Large Enterprise & Government

Count on our talented team with exceptional web development experience to establish your brand, automatize processes, collaboration or just about anything that you can think on web.

Cloud Applications

Cloud based applications are the best suitable for government, large enterprises and fortune 500 companies. We provide the best match teller made or customized products suitable. Our experts are available to meet the requirements for every size of the enterprise and organization.

Enterprise Mobility

The big enterprises require future mobility applications which can be implemented and run for their organizations delivering ease of business, operations along with connectivity with their clients. We make sure your mobility is delivered and maintained every stage of your business.


Large enterprises & government organizations have their own kinds of challenges. As big the organization bigger are the challenges. We have a specialized team of experts who are capable of identifying the challenges and providing the solutions that makes sure seamless approach is in place for your organization & enterprise.

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